A Life Dedicated to Public Service

Jake Santangelo has been involved in public service since he was young. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout when he was 12, making him one of the youngest to ever do so. The values of philanthropy, honor, trustworthiness, and being prepared, among other things, have set a strong foundation for the years that have followed.

Jake enrolled at Michigan State University to earn a degree in Political Science-Prelaw and learned a ton along the way. His junior year, after years of interest in governance, he began an internship in the Michigan State House of Representatives. Shortly upon arrival, he realized he could use his skills to help the representatives communicate with constituents and pitched an idea to begin a video series for the State Representatives. Staff and representatives agreed and he ultimately earned the Daniel Rosenthal Legislative Intern Award, an award that one intern receives each year for outstanding service (it was covered in The Holland Sentinel). Following the example set by the State Representatives and Jake, many other legislatures are beginning to do similar video series.​

Serving in Government & Beyond

Jake was a commissioner on the Housing Commission in the City of East Lansing. While in this position he and his fellow commissioners reviewed and made recommendations on housing related issues to the East Lansing City Council. Being in the position to consider housing issues, and vote on them, was an incredible experience.

While still a senior at Michigan State University, Jake was selected as a Fellow in the Michigan Political Leadership Program. 24 Fellows are selected each year for this prestigious fellowship that prepares leaders in skills for effective governance, and Jake was the youngest in his class. He made many great friends through this program and was elected as Co-President of his class.

​Jake continues his spirit of public service in his work as Founder & CEO of Adventurate, Inc., and received a character award for his work on SafeWater Flint